Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Let's try and get this right. Or left.

“On a map of India, mark the districts in terms of forest wealth - where the rich and dense tree cover is found. Then overlay the water wealth - the sources of streams and rivers. On this, plot the mineral wealth - iron ore, coal, bauxite and all things shiny that make economies rich. Then, mark on this wealth of India, another indicator - districts where the poorest people of our country live. These are also the tribal districts of the country. You will find a complete match. The richest lands are where the poorest live. Now complete this cartography of the country with the colour red. These are the same districts where Naxalites roam, where the government admits it is fighting a battle with its own people, who use the gun to terrorize and kill. Clearly, here is a lesson we need to learn about bad development.” - Sunita Narain


  1. An issue, which needs to be looked at as soon as possible. It's already out of our hands. A special thanks to our politicians. For making things so right. Or left?

  2. Love your graphics.
    And the use you put your talent to.

  3. you mean the red dot began so it could get the money!!?? so true