Saturday, 27 June 2009

Delhi's water problems? This is how we did it.

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Do you think we should also start the business of water tankers? They are pretty popular in Vasant Kunj. We will infest the water with less worms. White, wriggly worms. Promise! You will have to pay a little more for the water though.
Now, if you have time read a few links that pay tribute to our treacherous minds:

Here is our CM saying Yamuna cannot be cleaned before the games. Ha! Ha!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Double Speak

So much for the green Commonwealth Games, Yamuna and our insatiable stupidity.
Here are a few links:

And here is Double Speak on the issue of “Degraded Forests”.
Which one do you believe?

I believe forest cover is better than monoculture plantations, for the former are multi-layered eco-systems. Our first challenge is to preserve the existing forest cover, roughly 24 percent, and to improve its quality. Nearly 60 percent is degraded forests, which we must improve to high-density forests. That will have a tremendous impact on carbon sequestration. But India’s targetted 33 percentgreen cover can only come from afforestation.

Jairam Ramesh in an interview to Tehelka. Here is the interview:


Bloomberg cited Mr Jairam Ramesh environment minister as saying that India will expedite environmental approvals and allow mining in degraded forests to double the nation’s coal output.
Mr Ramesh said the country needs to increase coal production to 1 billion tonne in the next 7 years to feed new power plants. He said “Our power plants won’t materialize unless we produce a billion tons of coal.”
He said “As far as we are concerned, all degraded forests are go and all medium or heavy density forests are no go.”

Is anyone listening? Hello?

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Monday, 22 June 2009

Selling now: Forests

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Here are the facts:

No such thing as a degraded forest exists. Even in the terminology of the Forest Survey of India. But of course, if we 'degrade' the forests, it's easy to exploit them.
So lo and behold, we have 'degraded forests'.
Common sense tells us that we need forests. So what does it take to 'upgrade' forests? Do we have so much green cover that we can do away with 55% of our forests that our environment minister says are degraded?

Here are a few links:


An excerpt:

Sunita Narian-led Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) and the National Forum of Forest People and Forest Workers (NFFPFW) say the expression ‘degraded forests’ was unclear and ambiguous, thereby making the decision controversial.

NFFPFW forest rights activist Souparna Lahiri termed it the move as a “preemptive kind of comment”. “The minister said around 55 to 60 pc of the forestland is degraded. I don’t know whether the data he is quoting is correct.”
As per Forest Survey of India classification, said Lahiri, no terminology as ‘degraded forest’ existed. “Forests have been classified as open forest, dense forest and very dense forest.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

The Great Indian Clearance Sale

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SALE: Orissa
BUYER: Vedanta

Interesting interview:

This is where you will find how Vedanta manufactures lies and feeds them to the ever so hungry government:

Here are the orders of the government clearing the way for Vedanta:
Check out the pdfs for the official documents. They are an amazing read.

Of course, if you google it, you will find more truths about how we sold Orissa to this company.

If you are interested in bringing your evil empire to India, flouting environmental norms, or crushing people's rights, please feel invited to our great country. The Great Indian Clearance Sale is on. And we are selling everything.